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WeTel Design Center - UAE

WeTel Design Center - UAE

WeTel Design Center - UAEWeTel Design Center - UAEWeTel Design Center - UAE

Solution/Training For Communication Design & Design Thinking

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WeTel - United Arab Emirates company, broadcasting a 24x7 Information & Education Television channel in UAE, available on Etisalat eLife TV, channel no. 336

WeTel Center for Design Thinking & Communications- United Arab Emirates


Design Thinking is the confidence that everyone can be part of creating a more desirable future, and a process to take action when faced with a difficult challenge. 

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Add the wow! to your digital brand presentation and attract your target audience in a playful way
Promote your product or brand and interact with passerby via our gesture and movement based gamification technology 

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Our Solutions 

WeTel-Novum Interactive helps agencies, system integrator and brands to create amazing interactive advertisement and branding experiences. We offer a variety of innovative and multi-engagement digital solutions to engage, stand out and diversify.

Intro - WeTel Design Thinking

WeTel Design Center - Design Thinking for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is bringing disruption to many companies, impacting how customers are engaged, how technologies are employed and how value is created. 

The design thinking methodology aims to guide companies to discover the key insights and define the correct courses of action when developing new innovative products and services.

Concept design for expo-2020 by wetel design thinking center

Design thinking encompasses processes such as context analysis, problem finding and framing, ideation and solution generating, creative thinking, sketching and drawing, modelling and prototyping, testing and evaluating. Core features of design thinking include abilities to resolve  ill-defined or 'wicked' problems. Adopt  solution-focused strategies. Use  abductive and productive reasoning.

Employ  non-verbal, graphic/spatial modelling media, for example, sketching and  prototype.